Use Cases

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your application's infrastructure and get notified about critical issues or potential problems.

Server Downtime
Instantly detect and alert admins about server downtime to minimize service disruption and ensure maximum uptime.
High Traffic Volume
Receive real-time notifications about spikes in website traffic to proactively scale resources and optimize performance.
Low Disk Space
Monitor disk usage levels and get alerted when disk space reaches critical levels to prevent service interruptions or data loss.
Security Breaches
Stay informed about potential security breaches or unauthorized access attempts to safeguard sensitive data and protect user privacy.
SSL Certificate Expiry
Track SSL certificate expiration dates and receive timely reminders to renew certificates to maintain secure connections and trustworthiness.
Database Connection Issues
Detect database connection failures or latency issues to ensure seamless access to data and prevent service disruptions.
Resource Utilization
Monitor resource utilization metrics such as CPU, memory, and bandwidth usage to optimize infrastructure efficiency and performance.
Backup Failures
Receive alerts for backup failures or incomplete backups to ensure data integrity and facilitate quick recovery in case of data loss.


Using our API

Integrating our system is a breeze - just follow our quick, easy steps and you'll be set up in no time! In just 5 minutes, you'll have your API key and be ready to send notifications with a simple API call.

curl -X "POST" "" 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8' 
-d $'{
  "title": "Push by Techulus",
  "body": "This is your first push notification"