Simple Push

Get custom real-time notifications on your iOS & Android devices

Simple yet Powerful

Push is a service on the web and app on your phone that acts as a gateway for the notifications that matter to you. It can alert you about practically anything as you can create your own custom notification, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


Whether you're a developer, designer or anyone with just some technical savvy, our simple API makes it super easy to integrate.

Zapier Integration

Connect with over 600+ apps that work with Zapier, get customized notifications from each one.
Get started with Zapier Integration.

Free Tier

Our free tier offers 500 requests per month. You can upgrade at any time using our iOS or Android application via in-app purchase.

Getting Started

Just three steps to sending your first notification

Step 1

Install our iOS or Android application

Download from App Store
Download from Play Store

Step 2

Open the app and create a new account using your email. Once the account is created you can get your API key from the settings tab inside the app or you can get it here.

Step 3

Send your first notification using our API or Zapier app. Note that you need to use your API key to authenticate our API as well as our Zapier app.

Having trouble getting started? Contact our support

Send Test Push
to your Device

Download our iOS or Android app to get your API key.
Your API key can be found in the Settings tab or you can get it here.

Sample Code

Following sample code uses a fake API key: 02f5b175-7085-449c-a86f-a3a4854eedb3
You can get your actual API Key from our Android or iOS application

Simple Pricing, $4.99 Yearly

Upgrade your monthly usage limits using any of your iOS or Android devices via in-app purchase.




  • API Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Upto 5 Devices
  • Renews Yearly
  • Email Customer Service