Account Deletion Request

At Techulus, we prioritise the privacy and data protection of our users. To ensure transparency and compliance with data regulations, we have outlined the steps users should take to request the deletion of their account and provided details on the types of data that are retained or deleted, along with any applicable retention periods.

Account Deletion Request Process

From the email address linked to your Push account, compose an email to Clearly state "Account Deletion Request" in the subject line to ensure prompt processing. In the body of the email, include essential details such as your full name and any other pertinent information to assist us in verifying your account ownership. Our privacy team will review your email and initiate the verification process. This may involve additional steps to confirm your identity and ensure the security of your account.

Data Handling Policy
Types of Data Deleted:
  • - Personal Information: Any data that directly identifies you, such as name, email and contact details.
  • - Usage Data: Information related to your interactions with the app, including preferences and settings.
Types of Data Retained:
  • - Aggregated and Anonymized Data: We may retain anonymized data for analytical purposes, ensuring that your individual identity is not disclosed.
  • - Transaction Records: In compliance with legal and financial regulations, certain transactional data may be retained for a specific period.
Retention Period:
  • - Personal Information: Deleted promptly upon account deletion.
  • - Aggregated and Anonymized Data: Retained for analytical purposes with no identifiable information, indefinitely.
  • - Transaction Records: Retained for a legally mandated period, typically 5 years.
Contact Us

For any additional inquiries or assistance, please contact our support team at We appreciate your cooperation as we work to ensure the highest standards of data protection at Techulus.